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Cupbearer to the Gods

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Name:Ganymede | Benjamin Prince
lost boy

Ganymede isn't quite a god, though he is decidedly immortal. Born a Trojan prince, the son of King Tros and brother to Ilus and the unfortunately-named Assaracus, he was abducted for his beauty from Mount Ida by Zeus, who had disguised himself, for a given definition of disguise, as a giant eagle. Carried off to Olympus, he was promptly made both the god's (very singular) lover and the gods' (very plural) cupbearer. In exchange, he gained both immortality and eternal youth - and his home city of Troy was torn apart by the Greeks, backed by the queen of the gods, whom his new-found position had angered. Go figure.

The myth goes that to protect his beloved, Zeus put Ganymede in the stars as the constellation Aquarius, the waterbearer, but this is where myth diverges from the truth. Ganymede has lived on earth, well hidden, for centuries, moving from place to place when the mood strikes or when his neighbors figure out he never ages. He makes good money in modeling for photography, portraiture and art classes, and running a winery in Calfornia as well as bars and nightclubs all over the world.

Needless to say, some stuff has happened since those first days on earth. He's a tad older than he was when he was first returned to the world of mortals, and though he's managed a good three millennia and change in existence he still appears in prime manhood, somewhere between eighteen and twenty-two years of age. His dress and hair vary widely from the semi-modern to the ancient Greek to everything in between, though lately it's more modern than not. He's skilled at a million things he's taken the time to learn, from fletching arrows and surprisingly brutal swordplay to winemaking and even acting in pornography--why not make money with what you've got? However, aside from his immortality, his only non-human power of note is his extreme beauty; he's one of the most attractive individuals to have ever been born, beautiful enough to win over the king of the gods. Unless he makes an attempt to disguise his identity, which he almost never does, this will be immediately evident. In addition, while I am aware that beauty is subjective and not all characters are attracted to young men, Ganymede's beauty is enough to make ninety-eight percent of people stop and do a double-take at his appearance. If you don't want this to come into play, please let me know and we'll work something out.

A note on ages:I came by Ganymede's ballpark age by using the Tawagalawa Letter written from a Hittite king to a king of the Acheans around 1280 BC; the name of a king of a contemporary city-state Taruisa (which is Troy) is mentioned as Alaksandu. Many historians believe this to be the Paris of Homer's Iliad, whose birth name was Alexandros, putting, at least for my purposes, the height of the Trojan War happening around this point in time. Since the Trojan War happened after Ganymede's abduction from the earthly realm by Zeus, he would have had to be taken some time before 1280 BC, and since I doubt Hera's jealousy over having a mortal boy replace both her daughter as cupbearer and herself in her husband's bed would have sprouted with such intensity overnight, I set the rough date of Ganymede's abduction at 30 earth years prior to that. So Ganymede would be born around the year 1329 BC, making him 3345 in 2016. He doesn't really talk about or celebrate a birthday anyway, mostly because he doesn't know what actual day it is and wouldn't have kept up with it even if he had remembered through all the calendar changes, so he'll usually refer to a year as starting from winter to keep it in line with the Gregorian calendar.

(Ganymede is from Greek mythology, and is the common property of world and Western culture. He appears only for the purpose of roleplaying from which no profit whatsoever is being made.) Mun and muse are definitely over 18.
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